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I.C.E is the way for you to give first responders all the information they need in the event of an accident.

  • All your vital information (blood group, allergies, next of kin contact)
  • Sticks on the windscreen where the tax disc used to go
  • Clearly visible for first responders to find
  • Approved by emergency services
  • Can be the difference between life and death

John Carpenter has launched the Icemergency Disc holder in Kent, which can hold medical and next of kin information.

This allows the emergency services and medical professionals to quickly understand the best course of treatment for persons injured in a road traffic incident (RTA) and or medical emergency, it will also alert the emergency staff quickly to peoples next of kin, allowing the quick contact of family members which can also alert medical staff to further medical information from the next of kin.

The discs also allow the emergency services, access to immediate information without worrying about going through their own technology or searching the car for a mobile phone saving valuable time, normally this information is gathered while you are on your way to the hospital. figures show in the year ending September 2016 there were 1,810 road deaths, 25,160 killed or seriously injured (KSI) casualties and 182,560 casualties of all severities in the same year. This with a motor traffic level increase of 1.4 per cent compared with 2015.

I do feel the Icemergency disc will help with quicker treatment of all casualties and could save lives, but most of all the Next of Kin is contacted immediately and can be with their loved ones as soon as possible at the hospital bed side.

Let’s help the emergency services with their excellent work at present and with every purchase of the Icemergency disc holder you will give 25p to the much-appreciated Air Ambulance services.

Added peace of mind is only £4.99

I.C.E In Case of Emergency Disc

It’s unthinkable. But accidents do happen, and it’s vital that emergency services can easily get access to important information such as your name, date of birth, blood type, allergies and next of kin contact details. Mobile phones are often locked or password protected, so an I.C.E disc is the only way to both keep your information private, and have it available for those who need it. The paper disc folds and inserts into the I.C.E holder, which is placed in the same spot your disc used to go.

  • 1x Disc holder
  • 1x Cut-Out Information Booklet
  • Instructions
  • 25p Donation to Air Ambulance
  • 100% Peace of mind

FREE Postage & Packaging

Only £4.99

In Case Of Emergency

It’s easy, it’s simple, and it’s a life-saver.

  1. Order your disc and holder online
  2. We’ll post them to you within 5 working days
  3. Fill in your details, cut out your disc and fold it
  4. Place it into your holder, and stick it to the corner of your windscreen
Buy an I.C.E Disc today and we’ll donate 25p to the Air Ambulance Trust
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